Welcome to Verdugo Woodlands Kids

Whether you're a kid looking to double check his homework or a student wanting to show her Dad the latest work she created online this is the place for you!

VWKids.com is a website made by the students and teachers of Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School. It's made to showcase the students hard work by displaying their writing skills and critical thought process.

It's also intended to be a resource for the teachers to communicate with the parent community. Many of the teachers will be posting their homework on this site as well as links to online textbooks, research sites, and much more.

We want this to be a safe and positive place. While the kids will be posting their work we won't be posting their last names, phone numbers, or addresses. We want the kids to learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic. We also want them to learn how to use technology in a safe and responsible manner.

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