Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade!

  • Mrs. DeBellis and Ms. Inuki (JDL)
  • Mrs. Diekmann
  • Mr. Moreno
  • Mr. Ouweleen

Important Websites – Just click on the links below.

Language Arts

Think Central -

This link allows you to view our 5th grade reading anthology online.  The student username is the student’s ID number (same as AR username) and their password is abc123. 

Wordly Wise 3000  –

Click on students and then select Book 5.  This site gives students a chance to hear each W.W. word  and definition pronounced, along with a practice question.

— AR Book Finder

This is the place to go when you want to find the level for a book or how many points you can earn taking a quiz on the book.  It can also help you find books in your level for different genres and topics.

— AR Home Connect -

This is where you can check your child’s AR progress at home.  Students know their password and username.

—Excursions 5th Grade Reading Glossary – Click here to download: HMH Anthology Glossary-5th

This is a PDF of the glossary found at the back of the 5th grade reading anthology.

Would you rather type your ReadingLog? This link is to a document you can type on nightly print out on Thursday nights, have your parent sign it, and turn it in on Friday. Be sure to use Spell Check.

Visit the Glendale Public Library for lots of great books! Here is a link to recommended Fifth/Sixth grade readers

Scholastic News On-line –

The student password is Room 8111.


Everyday Math Website  –

This website allows you to access the entire Student Reference Book online!  The site is password protected, so your child will need to get a username and password from his or her teacher. Click on the speaker icon to have section read aloud.  Click on “Show Me” to watch a video of how to do the skill.  In addition, students can play math games that tie directly to the skills they are learning in class.

Everyday Math Studylinks  –

This website allows you to download a PDF of the Studylinks for our math curriculum.

—Mr. Coley’s Math Videos  –

Click on students and then select Book 5.   This site has short videos that review important 5th grades skills such as rounding, multi-digit multiplication, adding fractions, and much more!

Khan Academy  -

This site has even more “how to” math videos and opportunities to practice your math skills!!

Online Math Learning.Com

This site provides free on-line practice and the best part is you can check your answers!  Choose a skill from the list on the left hand side of the screen to make a an on-line worksheet.  Fill in the answers and then check to see how you did.

 IXL Math –

This site allows you to do up to 20 problems a day for free.  The best part is you can check your answers and there are tons of skills to choose from.

Social Studies/History:

History Alive! (Blue Textbook) Chapter review link – 

Use this link to review for the chapter tests.

Native American Project resources

Part 1 due 10/15     Part 2 due 10/22

Remember a good source of information is available in the blue history book and the red history book(available in your classroom). The school library as well as the local public library also have information. Remember to cite all source of information and pictures used.

Here are a few websites . . . if you find a good site please share with us.

Mr. Nussbaum – Native Americans -

Native American Facts for kids –

Native American History for kids-


—Science Textbook  –

Element Websites:

—    The Elements Song -

Listen and follow along as you learn how to pronounce the names of the elements on the periodic table.

 “Meet the Elements” Music Video by  They Might Be Giants –

—     It’s Elemental – The Periodic Table  –

Just click on an element to find out all about it!

—     The Periodic Table  -

This is another site with periodic table information. Click on an element to learn more about it.

—    Visual Periodic Table –

This site contains a periodic table with a picture of the element or something related to the element.  It’s very cool just be careful to stay focused on the information about each element as the site contains a lot of extra info.

—    Web Elements –

Another periodic table.  This one includes information about the color of each element.

Typing Club:

Click here for typing club –


Classroom Online Banks:

Click here for Mrs. Moreno’s On-line Bank –

Clink here for Mrs. Diekmann’s On-line Bank –