Fifth Grade

5th Grade Websites


Science Textbook Website –

—     It’s Elemental – The Periodic Table  –

Just click on an element to find out all about it!

—     The Periodic Table  –

This is another site with periodic table information. Click on an element to learn more about it.

—    Visual Periodic Table –

This site contains a periodic table with a picture of the element or something related to the element.  Stay focused on the information about each element as the site contains a lot of extras.

    Dynamic Periodic Table –

This site allows you to see the compounds that include your element.  You can even select multiple elements and see what compounds they form!

—    Web Elements

Another periodic table.  This one includes information about the color of each element.

    The Elements Song –

Follow along as you learn how to pronounce the names of the elements on the periodic table.

    “Meet the Elements” Music Video by  They Might Be Giants –


Social Studies/History:

Use this link to review for the chapter tests.

State Project Research Sites